Diabetes Update

Philly was cutting my hair and we didn’t know each other, Philly stopped for a second and maybe he could see that I was sick. See I was diagnosed with hereditary diabetes. I was about to embark on a difficult journey. Especially one that takes so many lives on a daily. He looked at me and said, “ I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I feel like I need to pray for you.” Every so often the men of @freechapeloc get together on a Wednesday night for bonding, prayer, and worship. Philly my brother had informed me that the gentleman that would become my new brother, Pastor Javon Ruff wanted me to speak my testimony. See previously while Philly was cutting my hair, I told Philly him that my doctor said that my Blood/Glucose levels were in a 100% of the range that he needed them to be and in his 29 years of being a doctor he had never seen that before. People would have 98%, 95% 80% etc., but never 100%. Philly asked me would I share my testimony and I said, Yes, of course!!!

That prayer changed my life. It gave me the endurance and faith to fight and do the right things to beat this disease or at least maintain it. With that being said... This is a picture of me doing my testimony, but I look at it as something far different from what the naked eye sees. This picture is the beginning of my Faith back to GOD. This is a picture of GOD bringing me to a place I so desperately needed. This is a picture of the first night I attended a church that would become my wife’s and I home for worship and prayer. This picture is the start of me meeting genuine people like @ddlbanderson

Last but not least, this is a picture of a bond that was forged between three brothers a year ago.

I am grateful for the people that have come in and out of my life. Either way the relationship has taught me something good or bad. I am especially grateful to these two gentlemen.

To Philly and Pastor Javon:

Philly Thank You for that prayer and Pastor Javon Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony! Best brotherhood I’ve experienced in my 41 years on this earth. Love you both and Happy 1!#faithoverfear#diabetic#type2diabetes#freechapeloc#morelife🥂