12 year Facebook "anniversary"

Today 12 years ago my wife @amandakellerwoods & I became Facebook friends. 46 days later we were dating. Although she did not know it at the time, I had already seen her pics. This was obviously before Instagram was a thing and MySpace was popular. Facebook was actually called “The Facebook “ and no one actually wanted to use it. Previously to my current Serial Entrepreneurship path, I was an Event Manager for various Marketing Brands and although I was the one who didn’t ever want to date staff, I clearly broke my own rules . I saw her and told my brother @road_les_traveled, I’m going to Marry her! I kind of said something else, but it was something to that notion. Anyway, it really is a long story and if you’re close to us, you know we’ve always stayed best friends and will be until forever isn’t a thing anymore. She’s the last person I see before I close my eyes and the first person I love to see when I wake up! Cheers to many more years beautiful! I’m truly a blessed Man