Paint Night @ Home!

Some of our best memories are painting at Sip N Strokes Atlanta. They always featured fun themed nights around celebrities. We have painted MJ, Prince, Tupac, etc!

The first painting we decided to do was Elvis. You can scroll down to the bottom to check out our paintings, but first let's show you how you can create your own paint night.

What you will need:

  • Canvas

  • Easel

  • Paint brushes (small, medium and large)

  • Acrylic paint

  • Water cups

  • Projector (to trace an online photo of what you want to paint, unless you're an amazing artist and can hand sketch it!)

  • Wine, duh

  • Music, duh

  • A cool spouse... I am grateful that mine enjoys this hobby <3

What to buy:

2 Large Paint Brushes

2 Paint brush sets

Canvases (we did 18x24, because we like our celebrities to be on larger canvases)

2 Easels

Acrylic Paint

A projector

How I traced our canvases:

Look up your image on "Google Images"

Trace with a pencil:

There are some youtube videos that show how to paint; however, it's more fun to just do your own thing.

Here is how the paint night turned out: