We going to recommit

Not to each other, but to ourselves. I’ve spent the past few weeks beating myself up about how much I’ve gained and everytime this sweet guy reminds me of what my body has gone through in the past 6 months.

In the last quarter of the year I went through my miscarriage. Doctor told me it was common and once I went through my full cycle we could attempt again. So we did, boom- again, one attempt and got pregnant again. This time we were scared but hopeful. I stayed pregnant for almost 3 months, saw two ultrasounds with heartbeats (stronger than the previous)-but shortly after experienced heavy bleeding. Went back to the doctor to view... well nothing.

During this same time my grandma passed away and shortly after my mother in law had a stroke and 6 months later is still in the hospital and had another stroke... Seeing your best friend who’s watching his first best friend go through pain makes you feel helpless.

We had plans of moving and during the week of our move my Husband got super sick. After a week of him laying around without energy and losing his color. I took him to the hospital to find out he was in a diabetic coma. His sugar was over 1100 (normal is 80-120) The ER doctor said his kidneys were failing and had he went to sleep that night, he wouldn’t of woke up. I stayed with him in ICU for a week and once he was stable, I spent every day going home to pack up our house by myself while he spent another week on a different floor of the hospital. I placed everything in storage. When he got out of the hospital we made our move and left our stuff in storage. Our place wasn’t ready so we moved into a situation that caused us a ton of stress and threw us more off our schedule. We planned a trip to go pick up our stuff and during that trip we had a flat tire and the Hub decided to drive under a clearance that was too small. Literally ripped our roof off while we were somewhere that was raining, sleeting and snowing

We’re finally settled... things are not exactly perfect- but are things ever? It’s definitely moving in the right direction though!

So with everything going on around me, I let go of me and he has been here to remind me that it’s okay and it happens. We just have to get back on track together.

I’m clocking in at one of the largest weights I’ve ever been. That’s not to say I’m huge, but it’s a weight that I’m not okay with and I don’t feel my best. Tomorrow we are recommitting ourselves to our health.

I’m following the plan I did years ago to get in shape, so I’ll be sharing my journey to hold me accountable along with @dkellerwoods on Instagram and a little on here.