Djuante's 42nd Birthday Post

Happy 42nd (uhh.. what?) birthday to my best friend and Husband!!

Over the past almost 12 years, there are a few things I know about my husband that haven't changed.

1. He always says what he is going to do.. and then makes it happen. It may take him sometime to get it done, but he always gets it done. If you could only hear the conversations we have now. I don't laugh, I just wait.

2. He is a better friend to others than they are to him. After 12 years of me telling him this constantly.. I think he's finally getting it.

3. He is NOT a good employee, but he is a hard worker. So therefore, it's best for him to just work for himself.

4. He is usually the one people call for relationship, business or life advice. (and he should start charging ) When people meet him 80% of the time, they end up telling him their life story, their deepest darkest secrets and also ask him for advice. I guess he has a way with making people feel comfortable.

5. The way to his heart is through food and travel. So, because we can't travel right now, I am taking care of the food!

6. He has always walked by faith. I use to think it was crazy... we got our first apartment and couldn't afford it and all he kept saying was "God has got us".... and he was right and continues to be.

7. The way he "calms" himself is through video games. So I just let him play.

8. He's one of the smartest people I know and continues to impress me with the knowledge he has. He is sometimes too smart for his own good and people under estimate him ALL the time (he will also correct my grammar after he reads this)

9. He doesn't like to play fight. So note to self, just because we are boxing.. doesn't mean I should pretend to fight him.

10. He always admits when he's wrong, but sadly he isn't wrong too often. SO when he is wrong, I take full advantage of reminding him.

11. We are better together than we are apart. People come into our lives now and don't realize everything we've been through. We started our relationship with just a blow up mattress, box TV and one car. Everything that each of us have accomplished has been because we worked together as a team.

With that being said, I hope to experience many more birthdays together. Can't wait until the world gets back to normal, so we can get back to experiencing life outside of our place... but until then - I'm glad I'm trapped with you!!

I love you!!

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