Amanda's 32nd birthday post

I’ve said this before and I am going to say it again. For those who know her, you also know that she is the most beautiful person inside and out on the planet. The most elegant and most beautiful redhead on the planet! Although I try, There aren’t enough words to convey to you on how much you are appreciated and how much you mean to me. The world knows how much I love my wife! She's my heart beat. My engine. The reason why I succeed.

Her smile melts my heart every time I see it. She makes me want to hand her the world every single day. Hard to believe that you were 20 the first birthday that we spent together. You're 32 now and like a fine wine, you get better with age! You're my heart and soul. You literally saved my life twice with the will of GOD. You're my angel and my serenity. I Love you with all that is me my Beautiful wife! Here's to another year booboo! May the Lord bless us with many more! Happy Birthday Baby and May you continue being the shining light for not only me, but for others.

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5th Wedding Anniversary Post

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