2017 Anniversary Post

I’ll Look At You Like This For the Rest of Our Lives

I remember the first time I saw my wife. I was roommates with my brother Les Redman and at the time I was dating 6 other women.

(Believe it or not, they all knew about it too!)

Les yelled out, D come here for a second, as I was in the living room and he was in his bedroom looking at prospects for work. See Les was the Manager of a Coca Cola event Marketing program and I was his Assistant Manager.

When he called me in the room my attention quickly went on to the computer screen and there was the picture of this tall beautiful young lady that caught my eye. See I don’t believe in Love at first sight, but that day could make an argument on that point. That was the day that the other 6 women were in trouble because I knew I was going to be with this young lady. She just hadn’t met me yet.

A few weeks later Les had Orchestrated me working with her, but she will even tell you, I am kinda hard to work for because I want you to work and we can play later, but most people play at work and that’s where problems arise. I had been working with her for awhile and one day we were working and I made her my shift Lead.. Haha smart right?

She flourished at it. It wasn’t hard, she just had to check on the stations and tell on anyone that screwed up. I know, I know I made her a snitch in a way, but it worked out. For some reason it started to rain. It was pouring and we had to round the team up and get to the 26foot box truck that we had. We were all standing there in the back of the truck and as I said before, it was pouring. Her hair was wet and she shook it out and flipped it up, just like a romance novel and as she was flipping her hair up in slow motion to me, I decided to take the initiative and ask her out? Everyone else stood in silence as she looked at me with a confused stare and said, “WHO ME”? I Didn’t want to seem uncool so I said, “I mean yea, sure if you want to. I mean you don’t have to, I was just asking? She replied, Sure! We decided to hangout after work.

It was like the 4th of July in my heart and my soul! Like Fireworks - Unfortunately That evening though she stood me up She called me and said something had come up. I took it like anyone in my position and said, No worries I can hangout with someone else that’s cool She politely responded with, We can hangout tomorrow night if you want to? My response was priceless.... Sure, I mean if you want to? The next night she came over and we haven’t been separated since.

I could write a book on our relationship. It’s that good. But this is Facebook and I will get to the point.

To all of my Married couples and friends. I am not a marriage counselor or anything, but I take advice from my parents and the rest is me. ( My parents have been married for 41 years)

Remember why you chose that person. Remember the butterflies that you get or you got upon falling in love with them. See we live in a day and age where things are too accessible to everyone. If I want, I will grab, take it , it’s mines type of society. Social Media is dangerous for married couples if you allow it. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and twitter could destroy a relationship. You have to protect your marriage. Protect the House, Protect your relationship. There will always be a person with a better car, house, wardrobe, more money, more traveling time. You will get old, they will get old, and shiny new things will always appear, but just because it shines on the outside, doesn’t mean it isn’t diminished on the inside. You have to be careful not to get caught up in the mundane society of Window shopping. See the old days you could go to the mall and look through the glass. Now you can do all of that on social media and if you allow it, it can interfere with your commitment. Remember your commitment to that person that you stood at the alter with and promised to take care of her no matter what. You know through sickness and health.

Commitment- an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. (Freedom of action ) Or doing something that you said that you would do, long after the feeling that you said it in has passed.

See I get it, your spouse is going to piss you off. You’re going to have good, bad, incredible, ridiculous, heart sunken, and uplifting days. It’s humane to feel that way, but it’s not a free pass to do whatever you want in the bad times. That is honestly a time to reflect on why you said yes! More time to decipher the anger from the good times. See when you’re mad, that’s an emotional response to someone or something that may not have anything to do with why you said yes. Some people get pissed off and decide to run right to the divorce attorney. Even in sickness people choose to do the opposite of what was promised because it’s easier to give up. It’s easier to say, I am better off on my own.

We have to be careful because that’s a selfish way of thinking. It’s ok to be selfish but remember all angles especially when it comes to marriage. There are going to be Good Times, bad times, Great Times, and even hard times. See my wife and I have experienced all of those things... even death and I am sure the Good Lord will challenge us again along the way. That’s life though. Remember why you said yes to that person. Now with all of that being said, drum roll please....

Happy Anniversary to my Amazing wife. I am blessed to be celebrating our 3rd/9year anniversary with you! (Married for 3 and together for 9) As most of you know, My wife is the center of my universe. She is the nucleus of my soul. The foundation on which my world is planted. We like other couples have our ups and downs, but there are more ups than downs. When things get tough, we remember why we said yes. My heart warms with the thought of you. I am grateful for the life experiences, it makes our relationship and bond stronger. I get to wake up, eat breakfast, workout, eat lunch, work on business, eat dinner and watch Netflix with you! After that we chill!! I love doing life with you! May the good Lord bless us with many more and until my dying breath, I’ll Look At You Like This For the Rest of Our Lives!

Love you baby girl!

Oh and if you’re wondering what happened to the 6 other women, my wife asked me that question too! When she asked, I looked at her in those beautiful green Irises of hers and said, "You won!"