5th Wedding Anniversary Post

Happy 5th Anniversary to my best friend, the sweetest, most kind hearted, beautiful, purest person I know. My wife!

I’m not going to spoil my story that I will be posting in a few weeks, but last year was a bit of Ups and downs. Definitely a roller coaster year. Two Miscarriages, a grandmother dying, my mom having 3 strokes and me going into a diabetic coma after Thanksgiving and no it wasn’t Thanksgiving food that contributed 😂. I just want to thank you for always keeping me in line. The person that anchors the ship when I want to sail away. 11 years ago I told her that we wouldn’t be best friends, Ha.. Boy did she prove me wrong. She’s the best friend that I’ve ever had. Thank you for being you and you letting me be me! Obviously I was too much for my ex’s in the past because they didn’t make it to my future.

It’s crazy how people try to compare their relationships and marriages to other people. We don’t, and we try not to give advice to others because we’re not them and they aren’t us. We occupy much of each other’s day and time and we’re just fine with that! Some will say I’ve missed on certain opportunities because of my relationship with my wife.

I laugh because I will always choose her. We’re a team a daam good one. Not that I am offering any, but if you want my advice, you can’t be a selfish person and have a healthy relationship. It’s all about the compromise. Being on the same page in your relationship.

Amanda you’re my Sunshine, and my moonlight. You’re the the last thing I look at before I close my eyes to sleep and the first thing I love to see when I wake up! Happy Anniversary to the Love of my life! Love you forever!#wife#anniversary#marriage#bestfriend#la#theoc#nyc#love