Amanda's 30th Birthday Post

It seems like just yesterday that you were 20 and legally could not drink, so I took tequila shots and kissed them to her so that she could drink with us at the bar. LOOKING BACK ON THAT, I’M THINKING THAT WAS PRETTY GROSS GLAD I DIDN’T EAT ANYTHING THAT NIGHT LOL..

Ok back to the Post. I’ve watched you blossom from an eager young lady that literally grinded to make money. Most of you know that I am a Network Marketer and throughout the years I’ve put my wife in some bad situations because I switched companies, didn’t like my upline, didn’t like the company etc... We were broke and literally ate Ramen noodles and chicken for 8 months straight. We took out pay check loans just to pay the rent. She has always stood fast against any negativity or obstacles that may had arose. She stayed the course because she’s that independent and I have to admit she carried us during those times. Happy to say that those days are completely over and life is full of blessings and abundance.

Along time ago, well some 30 years ago, I was asked, What would your type of woman be? I replied, “I WANT THE LITTLE RED HAIRED GIRL LIKE CHARLIE BROWN AND SHE HAS TO HAVE SIMILAR QUALITIES THAT MY MOM HAS!!”

Well at age 30 after going through break ups and heart breaks, GOD put the 20 year old Red Headed girl into my life. I remember our conversation being really awkward when we both realized that we were 10 years apart. The best thing about my wife is her independence. She’s very successful with what she does. The above pic was taken by a good friend of ours who said that she loved catching us in our element. I responded back by telling her. No that’s not my element, it’s my wife’s element. She runs things, I just listen to her and take a back seat because when we’re at the AT&T Stadium, She’s clearly driving the bus.

We’ve opened up two Traditional businesses together. She runs a major beer brand national account. She trades Forex and Crypto Currency. She keeps our home in order. All of this while taking care of me and being a stale mate while I travel the world building our business. Believe me I am a handful.

If she were to pat you on the back, you probably would list it on your resume. She once ran a marathon, because it was on her way. Mosquitos refuse to bite her out of respect. She’s the most interesting woman in the world...

In All seriousness though. I am a lucky man. I say that every morning when I wake up and every night when I fall asleep. Thank you for being my friend, my lover, my best friend, my right hand, my confidant and My wife. Even though you’re all of those things, you’re also my equal. I wanted someone who would compliment me and bring 50% to the table and you have overachieved. You’re the reason I bust my ass for our family. I feel like I always have to be on top of my game.

Men/Women I implore you to look for the one that compliments you. Most women want a man that’s already established.

Not my wife. She’s a strong woman. She has been part of my struggle. She’s survived it, we’ve succeed together and we are currently building our empire.


EVERYONE PLEASE WISH MY LOVELY WIFE A HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY BABY! I LOVE DOING LIFE WITH YOU! #wife #wifey #bestfriend #loveofmylife #happybirthday #partnersincrime #partnerforlife