Djuante's 40th Birthday

Yesterday the love of my life, my road dog, my heart, my best friend, my rock, my person, my forever turned 40 years old. Despite him being wayyy older than me, like way way older. He really proves that age is just a number. I have woke up everyday for almost a decade to someone that is truly grateful to be alive, someone that reminds me to not stress over the BS, someone that truly knows themselves and knows who he wants in his circle, someone that pushes me to go for my dreams and someone that tag teams everything with me to make things happen.

After knowing him for this long there’s one thing I can honestly say is this man doesn’t change. He evolves and gets better, but he’s still the same person I met when he was 29.

The downfall to being married to him is it seems like I’m the only person aging in this relationship he still looks the same, except with a man bun now... oh and he’s gapless.. but I’m the only one looking older... Guess that’s just #whitepeopleprobs

We celebrated with a few surprises , old friends, top golf, free tacos, free flan, free banana Fosters from Eddie V’s, 2 free orders of nachos and a free Sundae ... moral of the story... don’t tell every place you go that it’s your Husband’s birthday sugar overload.

Happy birthday boo, Don’t start growing white hair and grumpy attitude now that you’re old!